A few questions and answers, for those who tend to over think things:

Q.  It’s supposed to be -20 that day! Are we still running?

A.  Yes, though I imagine we’ll be running a bit quicker.

Q.  I’m shy about being out in public in a Speedo. Do I have to wear one?

A.  None of the organizers of the run are what one might consider “model material”, yet here we are. The idea of the run is to raise money for a good cause through silliness, so everyone running must wear a Speedo, but no one will be judging. Or really caring, for that matter.

Q.  Can women participate too?

A.  Absolutely.  Public asininity doesn’t discriminate based on gender (exempli gratia, insert your favourite female celebrity).  However, like everyone else, you must run in a Speedo (full-piece or two-piece).

Q.  I chafe in the cold. Any suggestions?

A.  Think warm thoughts.

Q.  I don’t celebrate Christmas, and celebrate Channukah/Kwanza/Festivus instead. Can I still participate?

  1. A. The Toronto Santa Speedo run is a non-denominational event. Our focus is raising money for Sick Kids and having fun, which seem to be universal seasonal goals.

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It started in 2005.

It was originally a whimsical idea conjured up in a fit of dementia.

It’s a fun run with the only objective being to raise as much money as possible to the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children Toys and Games fund.

It’s a chance to make a complete and utter spectacle of yourself.

Since 2005, we’ve raised over $320,000!

Giving Yorkville a very different kind of fashion show since 2005.

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